Basic Kitchen Lighting Guide

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 - Kitchen Lighting

While thinking about kitchen lighting, consider ambient lighting. It’s a general, overall light. In kitchens with lots of windows, there is natural ambient light but this is only at the day time. So, at other times, we need artificial source of ambient light. Fluorescent tubes do this job efficiently. You can put these tubes in a central fixture. These tubes provide even lighting and they are also economical.

Basic Kitchen Lighting

Basic Kitchen Lighting

You also need lighting for task areas such as counters, tables and sinks. For this purpose also, fluorescent tubes are a good option since they provide bright light. For counters, tables and sinks, you can mount fluorescent tubes on the underside of upper cabinets. As far as islands are concerned, you need hanging or pendant fixtures.

Then, there is accent lighting. It is used for objects, you want to draw attention to. It could be an artwork for example. Halogen lamps can be used for this purpose.

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