Can You Install Kitchen Cabinets by Yourself?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 - Kitchen Furniture

Redecorating your kitchen can be a hard process, but it can also be very helpful. It is good once in a while to get something renewed in your home. Totally changing your kitchen means to paint the walls, change the floor and install new cabinets.

Installing Cabinet by

Installing Cabinet by

Now here comes the question: how do you install kitchen cabinets? Just as in other installation procedure, you have to closely follow some important steps.

Sometimes, your kitchen only needs replacing the cabinet doors. But, if you still want to change it all, you may use an old cabinet as a pattern. The first thing to do after you take off the cabinets is to measure them carefully. Consult a brochure from the cabinet company you think you will use and compare the sizes they have with what you need. You can get a custom size but it will definitely be more expensive than a standard one.

Next, it would be a great idea if you draw a layout of your cabinet plans, something simple, it doesn`t have to be done by an expert. When you are through with this, you will need to provide the materials for the installation: several carpenter`s levels, lots of shims, a counter top, hinges, stud finder, knobs, drawer pulls, basic power tools and some others. Remove the old cabinets, but empty them before. This will make your work easier.

With the cabinets taken off, you can begin painting the walls and replacing the floor. Installing a new floor is easier when there are no cabinets around. Once you finish with the walls and the floor, you can start assembling the cabinets. And I do mean the cabinets only; leave the doors out for a while. Try to install the upper cabinets first. If you marked the spot where the old cabinets were, they will give you a great reference point. After you finish with the installation, make a test to see if the cabinets are backed.

To check if everything is ok, make sure the cabinets are level and secure them well to the wall. On different lengths you can get several quality levels. It would be helpful if you check the level of the floor too.

Following these steps carefully, you will successfully install new kitchen cabinets and you will be able to enjoy your redecorated kitchen with your family for a long time from now on.

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