Different Types of Dining Tables

Sunday, March 20th, 2016 - Kitchen Furniture

The dining table is the point of focus for any dining room. They allow us to have nice family dinners or to invite people to eat with us, while doing it in style. It’s the place that guest sill see, since you don’t want to keep them around the kitchen table when dinner time comes.

Coaster Hyde Rectangular Casual Dining

Coaster Hyde Rectangular Casual Dining

You can find dining tables at most regular furniture stores, as well as the online retailers. You will have to pick between the many materials, finishes and features that are available. When you think of all these different choices, you will see that the number of different possibilities is huge. The problem is that with so many choices you also get confused quite easily and you might have a problem deciding on which one to get.

Dining Table Types

The accent table is basically a standard one, though they have many ornaments, allowing them to offer a sense of romance and a classical look. You will find these kind of tables in mansions or palaces.

One other dining table type is the breakfast bar, which is usually smaller than a regular dining table.
These breakfast bars have some features that are interesting, like locking casters in some cases, which add to the convenience and mobility. In other cases, they will have racks to use for storage, or cubbies.

A cocktail table, or a coffee table as it’s also known, is also a dining table of sorts. Most people don’t use them to eat dinner, but rather to place coffee or other drinks on them, when we have guests or when we watch TV. If you like to eat while watching some TV, a coffee table will hold your food just fine.
The formal dining tables will vary quite a bit, depending on how many people you want them to hold and on their style. Usually these tables will seat between four and eight people, though there are variants with many more seats, which are usually found in restaurants or mansions.

Finally, when you shop for a new dining table, always know how much space you have for them. Beside the space occupied by the table, you also need space for the chair and for people to be able to move around them.

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