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Friday, April 15th, 2016 - Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is probably one of the most versatile rooms in the house. Besides being used to prepare food, it is now a home office, children’s study, and overall gathering area. With all these different tasks, proper lighting is essential. Since kitchens are now often used for entertaining, it is also important to use lighting to set the right mood.

Globe Electric 5854601 3 Light Track Lighting Kit

Globe Electric 5854601 3 Light Track Lighting Kit

When it comes lighting, your kitchen can be most diverse room in your home. There is just so many things you can do in a single kitchen, such as install track lighting or even recessed lighting. There is one important thing to include in your kitchen lighting scheme, and that is a light for reading cookbooks. Be sure to have a track light above the area where you read and prepare meals. Meal preparation requires attention to detail, especially for reading recipes and measuring serving sizes. For this reason, most individuals use fluorescent light bulbs in their kitchens, which conserve energy. They’ve become so popular that they are even available for track lights.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up:

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time our kitchens, therefore it’s important to have a combination of lights, as well as items that enhance the beauty of the room. Dimmer switches are used by most people to give diversity to their lighting, while others install a combination of soothing light and display lighting. An example of this would be soft overhead lighting with under cabinet recessed lights to highlight special items, and create a warm look. Install track lighting on the ceiling gives glass shelves a dramatic look.

Effective kitchen lighting can include layers of lighting made up of ambient lighting and decorative lighting. You should look around your kitchen for different ways to utilize the different types of lighting to make your kitchen a functional and inviting room.

It is fairly simple to select the proper kitchen lighting. Your first job is to identify those areas in the room that need task lighting, such as the range top, counter top, sink area, or eating area.

You can create a great work area for your sink and countertop areas by using a combination of track or recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting. To avoid glare and shadows you want to mount the under cabinet lights as close to the back of the cabinets as possible. It is best to pick fluorescent fixtures which are energy efficient and can cover at least two thirds of the length of the counter top.

Since breakfast nooks are commonly used for reading you will want to install overhead lighting. Some common choices in this area are decorative pendant lights or flexible track lighting. You can ensure that you have adequate light for all the tasks in this area by placing these lights on a dimmer. You can then turn them up for homework time and down for entertaining.

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