How To Find The Right Size of Kitchenaid Mixer

Sunday, April 10th, 2016 - Kitchen Appliances

The best way to know the right size of kitchenaid mixer for your home is always to look at its bowl capacity. If you are going to power through many cups of flour for your recipe then you will need a large-capacity kitchen mixer bowl. Generally, the bowl size will give you some advantages and disadvantages, and it is your duty to arrive at compromise on functionality and design that best suits your kitchen needs. Here are some other attributes of a kitchen mixer bowl that you should know.

KitchenAid KP26M1XNP 600 Series Mixer

KitchenAid KP26M1XNP 600 Series Mixer

The kitchenaid 600 series mixer is the largest model with a 575-watt motor. Its usage requires not only a large bowl, but also one that has enough strength to withstand the rotating motor’s pressure, and firmly hold its contents. Heavy dough mixing requires bowl-lift models that are more stable than tilt head models. Another thing to look at, when selecting kitchenaid series, is its bowl design; the kitchenaid pro 5 plus series and the kitchenaid 600 series have a wide-mouth bowl that lets you access your ingredients and beater easily.

Even after you select the most appropriate kitchenaid mixer for your home, you might still encounter problems as you deal with extremely sticky and hard-to-mix dough. Many people end up breaking their hand-held mixers as they force the sticky dough to mix evenly. The kitchenaid artisan mixer will give you the similar problems as you try to fit all the ingredients into the bowl. A way around this problem is to adjust the height of the beater in relation to the kitchenaid mixer bowl. If you lack the technical knowhow of doing the adjustment, then you should either get a technician or contact the kitchenaid support for remote assistance.

Once you adjust your beater, baking your foods will be a straightforward process; all your ingredients will blend well in your dough. You can make a self-adjustment to your beater by following the following simple instructions. First, put a dime into the bottom of the Kitchenaid mixer bowl. Turn on the mixer and select level two on the mixer as you use a flat beater. You should see your dime moving a quarter or a half inch with every bowl rotation and this indicates that your mixer will mix all the content at the bottom of your bowl. When your dime only moves a half inch or less, it shows that, your mixer will not have an unnecessary wear and tear on the beater. You only need to adjust your beater adjustment screw at quarter-inch intervals until you your dime moving to the right distance.

Now that you know how to adjust the beater, you do not have to go for a bigger bowl when all you need is a well-mixed ingredient to serve a few people. The adjustment option lets you pick a smaller kitchenaid series that will deliver great value for your money. All kitchenaid mixer bowls are intentionally heavy so that they are able to deliver the strength necessary to withstand tough and large batches of dough.

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