How To Pick Perfect Bar Stools

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 - Kitchen Furniture

Bar stools not only can be a great place to sit, they also can add to your decor room! So it’s really important to know how to choose the best bar stool to make sure you are getting the right one that suit your overall home decor.

Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool

Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool

When it’s time to buy a bar stool, you should understand that a good quality bar stool will be well worth the price and cheaper bar stools might actually be more costly because you may need to replace them more often. Today so many styles of bar stools available out there. It’s possible to find stool seating that suit with any type of decorating theme.

The first step on choosing the right set of stools is determine the height stool that you want. There are different heights to bar stools, in order for you to get the best fit from your bar stool you should have in mind where you are going to put it so you can make sure to buy one that is the best height.

The next step on choosing bar stool is determine how much stool seats you should have. The best spacing for bar stools is 25 to 30 inches from the middle of one seat to the next. Take a measurement of the length of your counter or table then divide it by twenty eight and that number is about how many chairs are looking for!

If your bar stools are equipped with arms, make sure that they are low enough to go under the counter. Bar stools can most commonly be bought with seat heights of between 17 and 31 inches but you may not find the particular set of stools that you want in the height essential for your table. If this is the case, it’s wise to get another chair that also matches your décor because choosing a bar stool which does not fit with the counter or table is a big mistake. Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool can be a good choice if you looking solidwood constructon in warm walnut finish.


Bar stools can be practical and they’re decorative as well. Make your choices on the appeal of the chair as well as the comfort of a place to sit and you might find that you add to the look in your house!

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